Eunji Lee (은질리) is a print-based designer that especially loves to make books. She is interested in poetic approach/gestures and combining analogue medium within digital making. She also enjoys ceramic crafts and tries to mix it with her graphic design practice if possible.

Paradise in Disguise
400 mm * 590 mm  |  2022

Poster design for Paradise in Disguise, 2022

Sexy Candy
130 mm * 100 mm  |  2022

Through this candy pack, I hoped to open up people’s mind a little bit and positively change the perception of sexuality. @tprtl.zosel

NANG Magazine
Issue 8 “Loud Mess”
Type Design  |  2020
Title design for 13 articles on NANG magazine #8. — Internship at Shin Shin

Three Levels of Recontextualization
190 mm * 270 mm  |  2020

“A dump not only devours everything, preserving it forever, but one might say it also continually generates something: this is where some kinds of shoots come from new projects, ideas, a certain enthusiasm arises, hopes for the rebirth of something, […] ”

Ilya Kabakov, “The Man Who Never Threw Anything Away”, 1977

All images taken from IISG, Amsterdam, and edited by Eunji Lee.

Plop... Plop... Plop...
280 mm * 280 mm  |  2019

Invitation design for a fictional exhibition directed by Elie June

Worth the Wait

125 mm * 175 mm  |  2019

Beginner's guide to fishing in Scheveningen, Den Haag

Lucid Mortal
835 mm * 172 mm  |  2018

Identity design of Lucid Mortal, a Death Planning company in 2083;

Screen-printed leporello pamphlet

Typographic Readymade
594 mm * 841 mm  |  2019

Typographic poster designed by layering elements extracted from four different readymade-flyers

What We Know, What We See...
210 mm * 297 mm  |  2019

Class publication of reactions to a list of photos selected by Bart de Baetes

(Third Image) Cover designed by Ian Scheufler

Look Inside You
135 mm * 135 mm  |  2019

Reflective but not reflective ceramic pond

Laughing with Kafka
180 mm * 280 mm  |  2019

Re-designed an article of David Foster Wallace's speech featured in Harper's Magazine(1998) Original pdf

Movement Class
280 mm * 280 mm  |  2018

Syllabus (incl. wood stand) used as a material for performance; Collaborated with Wen-Hsuan Yu

Performer: Wen-Hsuan Yu

Tierip Regular
420 mm * 594 mm  |  2019

Typeface inspired by cable ties

Traces of Yesterdays

Photography |  2018

And you wait, keep waiting for that one thing/Which would infinitely enrich your life: /  The powerful, uniquely uncommon, / The awakening of dormant stones, / Depths that would reveal you to yourself.

In the dusk you notice the book shelves / With their volumes in gold and in brown; /  And you think of far lands you journeyed, / Of pictures and of shimmering gowns / Worn by women you conquered and lost.

And it comes to you all of a sudden: / That was it! And you arise, for you are /  Aware of a year in your distant past / With its fears and events and prayers.

"Remembrance" by Rainer Maria Rilke

Gaps, Margins & Fillers
105 mm * 297 mm  |  2018

Re-designed a list of texts proposed by Susana Carvalho